Barbacoa Grill is an authentic churrascaria restaurant where customers can enjoy a genuine Brazilian-style BBQ and a varied and fresh salad bar.
The main restaurant of Barbacoa is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it is popular among diners as a high-level churrascaria restaurant.
In 2007,“Barbacoa Grill Shinsaibashi” was opened as an overseas branch on the top floor of La Porte Shinsaibashi, a recently completed building that is a new landmark in the Shinsaibashi area of Osaka.
Staff from the main restaurant in Sao Paulo has been transferred to work at Barbacoa Grill Shinsaibashi. This has allowed us to provide not only authentic flavor, but also an atmosphere and service that is true to the genuine Brazilian style.


In the distant past, indigenous people in central and northern America had the custom of eating lamb and beef that was roasted on a green-wood-made-grill called barbacoa, in the native dialect. Eventually, the method was passed on to settlers in the region, and it is said that barbacoa became the currently term known as barbeque (BBQ).
Brazil’s popular churrasco cuisine is the original style of barbeque. Therefore, the word barbacoa, which is the origin of the term barbeque, was selected for the name of our restaurant.


Churrasco is very popular in its home - Brazil. Our meat - such as beef, pork, chicken – and also vegetables are skewered and roasted while being slowly rotated in a special oven known as a “churrasco machine”. Most meat cuts are mainly flavored with only rock salt and during cooking, the open-flame captures the individual flavor of the meat. Once the meat and vegetables have been grilled, they are left on the skewers and carved in front of customers by special staff known as passadores.
The churrasco menu features an all-you-can-eat set course that includes a salad bar. In addition to about 15 varieties of churrasco that includes beef, pork, chicken, linguica (special sausage) and vegetables, the salad bar boasts over 40 types of fresh vegetables and side dishes. Diners can also enjoy Brazilian dishes such as palmitos (Hearts of palm) and Feijoada (Traditional black bean stew) at the salad bar.


Barbacoa Grill Shinsaibashi serves the popular Brazilian cocktail caipirinha in authentic style. The drink is made by adding ice and the desired amount of sugar to a generous amount of grated lime. Cachaça, a liquor that is made from sugarcane and is the representative liquor of Brazil, is then poured over the lime mixture. Diners can enjoy a strong authentic flavor that is both refreshing and robust.
We also offer a rich variety of drinks including batida de coco, which is a mixture of Cachaça and coconut milk, the soft drink guarana, which is a soft drink that is popular in Brazil, and mate tea, which is an herb tea from South America.


The interior of Barbacoa Grill Shinsaibashi features a relaxed table layout placed around a salad bar offering fresh vegetables and side dishes. We can accommodate from small groups to large parties. We have also prepared a private room that can be used by up to 24 diners.
The interior of our restaurant is decorated with Brazilian paintings and flag, all especially done by Brazilian artists to produce an authentic atmosphere.


Kazuyuki Mikami / Manager
After graduating from high school, Mikami trained in the restaurants until the age of 25. In 2001 he joined Wondertable, Ltd.. He was assigned to Barbacoa Grill, Aoyama, where he experienced both Barbacoa’s comprehensive service and meat preparation, and in 2004 he acquired the Sommelier certificate of Japan Sommelier Association. In 2010 he became Manager at Barbacoa restaurant in Aoyama. And in 2012 he was assigned to the Barbacoa Grill Shinsaibashi. He gives good suggestion of combination of churrasco and wine to the guests.